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  • Service Description
  • What's Included
  • Client FAQs
  • Sales Questions
  • Requirements
  • Objection Handling
  • Billing Details
  • Sales/Marketing Notes

Toll Free Number:
As part of the Account setup, Solid Cactus will provide to Client a unique toll-free number which includes all reservation, usage and long distance fees. Client may choose to forward an existing toll-free line to the toll-free number provided during needed hours, advertise the toll-free number provided by Solid Cactus, or transfer hosting responsibility of an existing toll-free number to Solid Cactus through Resp-Org. Provided Client is not in default of this Agreement, Client will maintain ownership of the toll-free number.

Frequently Asked Questions Database:
Solid Cactus customer service representatives, or CSRs, will answer common caller inquiries using a scripted frequently asked questions and answers FAQ interface, whereby the information for the FAQs are to be provided to Solid Cactus by Client in a Fact Sheet. These FAQs are to provide answers to common order-taking questions, such as product warranty, shipping inquiries, as well as other questions specific to the Client's business and product line. Any questions the CSRs are unable to answer using the provided FAQs will be e-mailed along with the name, phone number and e-mail address of the caller to Client for handling. Solid Cactus can also handle order status calls by remotely accessing the Client order status system through the Internet, if available. Solid Cactus is not responsible for creating training materials above and beyond the Fact Sheet and FAQ.

Telephone System Setup:
Solid Cactus will provide an Auto Attendant to greet Client callers with the Client business name, recorded conversation disclaimer, hours of operation or any other information the Client requests, whereby such greeting can be up to 45 seconds in length. Once the call passes through the Auto Attendant the caller is routed to a CSR or placed into a call queue. Solid Cactus will program screen pops to be displayed to the CSR upon call connection. These screen pops may include the Client Website, back-end order processing system if available and Client FAQ.

Agent Training:
Client is to provide Solid Cactus with a list of FAQs in the Fact Sheet as outline above. Training on these will be done by a Solid Cactus trainer with CSRs who are to likely be handling the Client calls. FAQs and the training session must be complete before any calls are routed to Solid Cactus CSRs. If additional training is needed (either prior to start or sometime thereafter) one-hour blocks may be purchased at the rate of $75 per hour.

Solid Cactus will provide Client with inbound CSRs to take phone calls and capture information on behalf of the Client. Solid Cactus will process these calls, capturing caller information, to include but not limited to name, address, credit information and other information necessary to reasonably complete an order or task as established by Client. Monthly reports will be provided to Client and will include calls information such as total calls, completed calls, abandoned calls, duration, as well as other information included by Solid Cactus at its discretion. Client may purchase additional or more frequent reporting from Solid Cactus for an additional fee.

Description of Services:

  • Solid Cactus agents will process orders and credit cards through the Client Website, order page or back-end order processing system.
  • Solid Cactus CSRs will answer calls with a greeting established during the setup phase.
  • Solid Cactus CSRs will use the Client Website to search on and order products for Client customers, gather product information to answer questions, and enter customer order and credit card information to complete the order process (unless an alternate back-end order processing system is specified at setup).
  • All orders and credit cards are to be processed and approved through the Credit Card Merchant Account and Online Payment Gateway provided by Client.
  • If calls are to be transferred outside of the Solid Cactus Call Center to the Client, they must be transferred to a toll-free number provided by and at the expense of the Client.
  • Solid Cactus will provide web based software for management of the Client FAQs. Solid Cactus may also utilize an existing application provided by Client if available and operable.
  • Solid Cactus will monitor and quality control the calls answered by the CSRs.
  • Solid Cactus will randomly record calls and provide sample calls to Client upon request. Call recordings are also used by the Solid Cactus Call Center quality control team to monitor and grade CSR performance. All such call recordings are for evaluation and review purposes only and the recordings may not be replicated, published or distributed by Client in any format (i.e. blogs, advertising, etc.) without the express written consent of Solid Cactus.

The following services are included herein:

  • Telephone long distance charges (as described above)
  • Monthly reporting
  • Department supervision
  • Continual Quality Assurance Monitoring

Account Policy and Procedure Updates: Once the Client Call Center account is set up for the Services and the initial training is completed, Client may need to make a policy or procedure change with respect to their account or use of the Service. In an effort to control the influx of Policy Change requests while still offering Clients the flexibility to adjust their use of the Service to their needs, the following rules are in place for Policy Changes.

The ""per minute"" fees for the Services are calculated on the basis of the number minutes utilized by Solid Cactus in providing the Services and are calculated to the second.

Client agrees to provide Solid Cactus with such details as may reasonably be required, such as information concerning anticipated call volume media schedules and advertising, so as to facilitate scheduling of personnel and phone lines. Solid Cactus shall have the right, in its sole discretion, to determine the number of Customer Service Representatives (“CSR’s”) operators and telephone lines to be employed. Solid Cactus also reserves the right to assign to Client account, at Solid Cactus’ sole discretion, whichever CSR’s Solid Cactus designates.

Client is allowed two (2) Policy Changes that they may use each month. Please note that these Policy Changes do not roll over or accumulate month to month. If more than two (2) Policy Changes are needed during the month, a $50 Policy Change charge applies to each Policy Change needed over the allotted amount.

A Policy Change is to include a list of changes Client wants to have made to their related account. This list may have multiple individual changes and will still be considered only one (1) Policy Change. Because of this, Client is encouraged to compile a list of individual changes in order to submit them all at once. This gives Client the maximum amount of individual changes within their standard Policy Change allotment. If any such list of changes is deemed to be too complicated or overly involved, additional CSR training may be needed, which will be provided at a rate of $75 per hour.

All Policy Changes are to be implemented on Fridays throughout each month. In order to have the Policy Changes implemented on any particular Friday they must be submitted to Solid Cactus by Client prior to 5:00 PM EST on Wednesday in order for the materials to be dissected and distributed to the appropriate teams by the upcoming Friday.

Solid Cactus strives to maintain CSR's who are well educated on your products, services and policies. In addition to the training provided at setup and the Policy Updates, we encourage Client to continue the education cycle on an ongoing basis, therefore Solid Cactus has developed a Continuing Education Program ('CEP') for our clients and CSR's. CEP hours can be used to train on new product lines, new policies or anything that has an impact on Client's business. CEP's are conducted in a classroom setting with a Solid Cactus trainer and preferably the Client either in person or via phone or web conference. CEP hours may be purchased for Eighty- Five Dollars ($85) per hour with a one (1) hour minimum.

Solid Cactus Call Center Services are billed on a per-minute basis and are based on ""Live Agent Minutes"" - which means you only pay for the time our agents spend handling your calls. You do not pay for queue time or time callers are placed on hold. Our per minute rates include associated toll-free maintenance fees and long distance fees.


Client will receive weekly reporting which will detail calls received and talk time for each call.

  • Each service, which has a set up fee associated with it, should be specified that the set-up fee is charged immediately.
  • Any service which has a set up fee – we can waive the setup fee with management approval. The dropdowns that indicate $0 set up fee need to specify “with management approval”.
  • Billing begins on the 1st of the month following sales date, provided at least 30-days have passed, or when actual service starts – whichever comes first.