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vTiger Custom Quote Requests

Programming: Quote Process:

  1. Quote Assignments
    1. Assignments
      1. All quote assignments will be assigned by 10am each morning to the individual production staff. These will be assigned by the Director of Production, Traffic Manager or a key team member. The production staff will be given a quote number when assigned a quote.
      2. All quotes will be assigned to team members best suited to complete the quote. For example, if a team member has Yahoo experience they are more likely to do Yahoo.
      3. Based on average quotes entered per day (3) Team members should not receive more than one quote per day.
    2. SLA
      1. All quotes should be completed within 72 Hours (3 Days) of being entered.
      2. If a schedule does not allow the quote to be completed within this timeframe, this will be escalated to the Director or production. This includes any quotes that are larger and take more time.
      3. The goal would be to complete all open quotes within 24 hours.
  2. Searching in vTiger
    1. Once a quote is received, the production staff will use the search field located in vTiger. If “QUO#####” is entered into the search field, it will return a result which will link to the quote.
    2. All open quotes can be viewed at any time in the main menu by selecting “More” > “Reports”. Once on the Reports screen, select the “Sales Engineer - Open Quotes Needing Estimation” report. All open quotes are displayed here and who they are currently assigned too.
  3. Completing a Quote
    1. The Following Template Should be used on all quotes (“Internal Note Custom Work LOE” field). Line item refers to the number of items the sales team need quoted.

      -- Line Item #1 --
      Total Programming Time:
      Total Design Time:
      Total Time Needed:
      Base Price: (Number of Hours X $150)


      [Anything the sales team should know about what you are quoting or assuming]

      Required Items:
      [Any required line items, hosting, access, etc]

      Contract Language:
      [What will appear on the contract]

      [What else do you see that can be sold or upgraded (and why)]
    2. Example:
      1. Sales entered the following quote:

        1. Client needs updated click to enlarge buttons on the item page to fit the punk crazy purple color scheme they implemented.
        2. Client wants to get rid of the punk crazy purple color scheme and change it to boring gray.

        What the production staff final quote should like:

        -- Line Item #1--
        Total Time: 1
        Total Programming Time: .5
        Total Design Time: .5
        Base Price:  $150.00

        #2 says the client wants to get away from the punk crazy purple and move into gray, color does matter when it comes to the time, however we will need to know the correct color the client needs.

        Required Items: None

        Contract Language:
        Solid Cactus will design and program a new click to enlarge image located under the main image on all item pages. Solid Cactus will design one (1) concept and zero (0) revisions. Client can purchase any additional revisions as needed.

        Clients click to enlarge feature is one version behind, also the client does not have any social media buttons located throughout the site, addthis might be a good update for the item pages.

        -- Line Item #2 --
        Total Time: 17 Hours
        Total Programming Time: 10 Hours
        Total Design Time: 7 Hours
        Base Price: $2550.00

        This includes the shell (header, left nav, footer), Item page, section page, home page, and checkout pages.

        Required Items:
        Will need access to client’s hosting for hosted features.

        Contract Language:
        Solid Cactus will design and program a different color site. Client will receive one (1) concept and two (2) revisions on home, section, item, and checkout pages. This does not include any additional programming time to move elements of the current site layout, Solid Cactus will only be changing colors on the pages listed or any other line items in this contract. Client can purchase additional revisions as needed.

        A Full redesign, client would save money and get a better design with a storefront package.
    3. Required Fields
      1. Internal Note Custom Work LOE – Quote information is entered here from the production staff.
      2. Total Custom Design Minutes – A calculation of the total design minutes quoted.
      3. Total Custom Programming Minutes – A calculation of the total programming minutes quoted.
      4. Sales Engineer Quote Stage:
        1. Quote in Progress: This is used when you have started the quote, but the entire quote cannot be completed. (Interruptions or the quote needs to be spread out over 2-3 days, etc.).
        2. Quote Complete: You have completed the quote (will no longer show in the queue).
        3. More Information Needed: When you do not understand the quote or when you need additional information to complete the quote. Once it is marked as more information needed, the sales team will take action.

          You are required to enter notes into the LOE field to what you need in order to fulfill the quote.
        4. Quote Rejected: We cannot do the work; no solution can be given at this time.  Before placing it into this status, consult the Director of Production.

          Note: The Sales team will also use this status when the client no longer needs the quote.


Programming: Questions to sales team.

If more information is needed (or you do not understand the quote), use the more information needed status. Under the custom LOE notes, state what you need or any questions that you may have.


Once the sales team has the information requested, they will place the quote back into “Quote Needed” Status.

Sales: Quote Process:

  1. Entering a quote
    1. The following template should be used when entering a quote:

      -- Client Request #1  --
      Site URL: [Site that work will be completed on]

      [What the client needs]

      [Internal Notes, referral quotes, etc.]

      [Documents to look at, located in the quote under the Documentation section]

      [Example URLs, directions to find custom example]
    2. Example:

      -- Client Request  #1 --
      Site URL:

      Client would like thumbnails on his current sequence banner product, these thumbnails should automatically populate as sequence banners are added or deleted. These should be clickable to take the site user directly to banner image.

      Client would like to use the current size of his existing banners for the main part of the sequence banner.


      Examples:, client referred to this layout however this plugin does not need to be used.

      -- Client Request #2 --
      Site URL:

      If you go to the client’s current homepage ( and hover over the items located under the feature items section, you will notice a roll over effect showing a “view all” and “add to cart” area. Client would like to add a “Sell” button as a 3rd option.

      I instructed client that this may take up too much room and confuse people, he would like it anyway.

      Included a layout screenshot under documents, this shows the hover effect.


    3. Required Fields
      1. Estimated Budget
      2. Platform
      3. Project Deadline (if a specific deadline is needed)
      4. Current Site URL
      5. Sales Engineer (“Keith Schaeffer”)
      6. Sales Engineer Quote Stage (“Quote Needed”)
  2. Receiving a quote
    1. If you have any issues once the quote is received, please escalate to the director of production if you feel that the quote times are incorrect.
    2. Any other questions should use the “Sales: Questions to Production” process below.



Sales: Questions to production

In the event the sales team has a one-off question about a specific quote, the following rules can be used.


  1. Question about a specific quote
    1. Sales member will email the team member using the following template:

      Subject: QUO##### Question
      To: Programmer/Designer who completed the quote
      CC: Keith Schaeffer, Lisa Kramer, Josh Pohlman, Kevin Vaninger
    2. Production staff is required to answer these questions by the end of the day if sent before 4pm. In the event the staff member is out for the day, the director of production is responsible for answering this question if possible (depending on a complex quote).
  2. One off question about a platform (if a quote is needed or if something is possible). This should be for custom programming questions (non-quote related) or even feature questions. Any platform questions (ex: Does NS CommerceSpace include account registration?) should be sent to Technical Support (we can still answer, however I would like to reduce core platform related questions to the custom team). Check with your team leader first before contacting.
    1. The following Template should be used:

      Subject: [NS/Yahoo/1SC/Joomla/Wordpress/Non-supported] Platform Question
      To: See Below
      CC: Keith Schaeffer, Lisa Kramer, Josh Pohlman, Kevin Vaninger
    2. The following people should be included.
      1. Yahoo – Adam Klinges, Stas Beletsky, Lindsey Jamieson (sent to all)
      2. NS Commerce – Lindsey Jamieson, Tony Vanelli, Ernest Lennox (sent to all)
      3. Wordpress – Leigh Jamgochian, Lindsey Jamieson, Tony Vanelli (sent to all)
      4. 1SC – Adam Klinges, Lindsey Jamieson. (sent to all)
      5. Unsupported Platforms – Leigh Jamgochian, Ernest Lennox (sent to all)

        The goal will be to share answers with all teams and update vTiger.


[Need to follow up with Chris Jordan/Kim Everett to discuss content population process]


Sales: Production needed on phone call

In the event a designer or programmer is needed for a call with the client in order to clarify custom functionality:


  1. Sales requests a designer/programmer:
    1. Sales person will send an outlook invitation to the selected person 24 hours in advance.
    2. In the event that timeslot is unavailable, the programmer/designer will decline the invite with the reason why as well as a time slot that is available that day.